David Ganley

Ganley Auto Advisors

David Ganley is a Car Guy. He simply loves cars. When other kids had posters of rock bands on their walls growing up, he had pictures of Ferraris and more Ferraris—with the occasional Cobra and Facel Vega. So it should come as no surprise that he would eventually run a franchise dealership. But there was one problem—while David Ganley has a passion for cars, he also has a moral compass, ethical standards, and a belief in putting the customer first. Always. These are not virtues one typically finds in a car dealer, which is why David gave up the dealership he owned, and devoted himself to a business he loves—a highly personal car buying service driven by the needs of each individual customer, rather than the quotas, requirements, and contracts of the manufacturer or dealership. That was nearly 20 years ago and today Ganley is one of the most respected auto acquisition services on the East Coast, with a team of dedicated aficionados who know how to precisely guide you through the process, source the best vehicle, and provide the most careful service and maintenance. They have partnered with thousands of customers in offering an alternative, ethical, transparent, and economical way to buy vehicles. Every vehicle is personally selected for quality of condition and value, while services are customized for each individual client—from inside information about trends, values, and buying opportunities to the handling of trades and planning for lowest ownership cost.
For me a car is a very special place. A shuttle through time and space in a controlled environment that is athletic, sensual, exhilarating, and like a little temple or cocoon. I choose the music, I choose the route, I choose the speed, and there are no interruptions.

Will Ganley

Ganley Auto Advisors

Raised by a car enthusiast, Will Ganley grew up reading all the car magazines and dreaming of the driving experience. To his mother’s dismay, he took his first solo drive at two and a half years old only to end up in the ditch on the other side of the road. He mowed lawns, cleaned basements and raked leaves to earn money and buy his first car—before he was old enough to have a license. Yes, Will is a car enthusiast too. He recently relocated from Colorado where he was a Subaru factory trained technician. Most days you’ll find Will in the office with Honey Bear, his beloved, old Mastiff mix, under the desk.