Matthew G., Hampstead, NH – Most recent purchase: Porsche 911 Turbo

I had bought ten cars in my lifetime before purchasing the Porsche 911 Turbo which you recently procured for me.  It is truly a refreshing change to feel that the person selling me a car is on my side, and looking out for my best interests. In the past it was always the typical adversarial relationship, in which I felt like the people selling the car were out to squeeze me for every dime they could get.  (Do I really need the rustproofing?)

Not only do I feel like I have beaten every other deal out there on exactly the car I wanted, but on the trade in side, your revolutionary business model crushed the competition.  Your final number on the trade in beat the best offer I got from the many other dealers to whom I made inquiries by 50%.  The end result is that I wound up with a lot more car for the money than I would have gotten anywhere else.

You have brought a new level of integrity to the car business, and I appreciate it very much. I have already enthusiastically recommended you to several friends!  Thank you again!