Happy Summer Everyone!

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are buzzing

Check out the action on our social media sites where we are now posting interesting info about the automotive universe. We will be posting directly from the auctions on Twitter by giving updates on pricing trends and perhaps posting some photos of interesting vehicles being offered. Since we are just getting started on Facebook, please “Friend” us and any “Likes” you can send our way are greatly appreciated  and deserve a great big “Thank You”!  Sorry about the shameless begging, but we got a late start with this new way of communicating.

New Vehicle Buying Program Fully Launched and Smoking Hot!

We will help you find and buy a new car without the dealership hassle!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer – can’t believe we are already through the first weekend in August! In the past, a number of you have asked us to step in and negotiate a new vehicle purchase for you.  Depending on market conditions, it sometimes just makes more sense to buy the new car, rather than going for a used one. We recognize this opportunity and have counseled many of you in the past to buy new. In the spirit of being your full-service advisor on all things automotive, we have launched this new service and some of you (check out Kerry’s testimonial) have already embraced it wholeheartedly – Thank You! The fears, doubts and insecurities, plus all the time and aggravation that one encounters in the dealership process, are eliminated when you hire us to be your professional buyer.

A brief bang on our drum:
Let us

– help you to sift through all the data and make the right vehicle choice to begin with

– save you from the dealership sales process and subsequent torture

– negotiate your trade to maximize its value to you

– save you the gauntlet run of the dealership F&I office that will always injure your wallet

– help you find the lowest-cost financing

Because a new car purchase is largely a telephone negotiation for us, as opposed to the intensive effort put into finding the perfect pre-owned vehicle for you, we only charge a small fee and guarantee that we will save you more money than you pay us for this service.

We do not take any commission from any dealership – ever!