Auction Action

The wholesalers have very little hair left and they are not happy about it. The only cars bringing very strong money are hard to get hot models in beautiful condition with correct mileage, color and equipment along with the older Asian vehicles. Everything else is cheap and available. There are some amazing opportunities on higher mileage euro vehicles that everyone is scared of. The engineering of the European vehicles is superb and a well cared for vehicle can give a lot of pain free and low cost service. In our personal stable, my wife and I both drive as our everyday vehicles European cars that have a combined age of 19 years and over 300k miles! I know that we are cheap but we also really appreciate driving a safe, comfortable and reliable vehicle. If you want a lot of bang for the buck think about it. There will be a time when the export markets reignite and these deals will evaporate. Sooo, where are the other deals?