November 13, 2015

L. P., Martigny, Switzerland – Most recent purchase: Audi A4 Q Avant

There are a few precious moments in our short, busy lives, when serendipity in the virtual world yields nothing but bounty. Moments when the normally painful, suspicious, one-hand-on-your-wallet, experience of buying a “used” car combines frenetic materialism with the joy of making a new friend. 
I had never bought a used car in America, and I certainly never imagined that one day I would buy a car “sight unseen”! The Audi A4 I purchased through David (both David and car sight unseen) is the envy of my Swiss neighbors. It is very hard to find a white car with beige leather interior in Switzerland as the Swiss usually opt for more conservative color combinations such as gray on gray. It is only a matter of time before I buy another, but this time I will “see” David as I would never dream of returning to his home state of Massachusetts without conversing our way through a Thai curry!

I highly recommend David’s service to anyone demanding a discerning car buying experience. I trust and respect his judgement in every aspect of the automobile industry, and he also knows a thing or two about wine!