November 13, 2015

KB, Sebastopol, CA – Most recent purchase: Subaru

Hi David, Just as I was beginning to write out a testimonial, a friend walked into my home who started talking about buying a new car. Needless to say I told her all about you and she was thrilled! You’ll be hearing from her! Her name is Adriana E. More will follow from my crowd! David Ganley and his Auto Advisors Buying Service will save you precious time and money! David stepped in after I had haggled with various dealers in an attempt to buy a new car and trade in my Prius. I had been clear and firm with the dealers but they didn’t budge in price or helpfulness. I called David, told him what I wanted and he took care of everything from clear across the country! By the time I showed up to the dealer, David had negotiated a price for my new car as well as for my Prius that were both leaps away from where I had gotten on my own. Don’t think twice about utilizing Ganley’s auto buying service. It will provide you with an affordable, pleasurable and ease-ful car buying experience!