March 6, 2015


  This brutal winter has actually created a buying opportunity at the wholesale auctions. Multiple storms have dealers in the Northeast pinched for room for new inventory as well as deadening retail sales energy. These dealers are not showing up at the auctions in search of new inventory when they are having trouble selling and delivering what they already have in stock. This has not only had a stabilizing influence on prices at a time when prices traditionally rise but we are finding that there has actually been a lowering of prices. The lease companies and manufacturers still need to move inventory at auction and the buyers have retreated for the time being. We have been able to take advantage of this market aberration for some fortunate clients so if you are getting ready for something different you might want to give us a shout soon. However, we fully expect rising spring prices to return as the snow melts and folks recharge their buying desires. Hopefully we will have a few more weeks of these abnormally lower prices. Ganley Auto Advisors continues to evolve. We will be opening another office in Boulder Colorado later this spring that will be led by my son Will Ganley who has spent the last five years developing his skills as a technician at a Subaru dealership. Will has been hanging around auctions since he was a kid and has worked with me throughout the years. He will bring his expertise and calm energy to […]
September 26, 2014


  The Autumnal Equinox is here and the retail and wholesale vehicle markets are in full bloom ready for harvesting. You will see from the Last Ten Sold posted at the end of this missive that we saved our clients $40477 or  an average of $4047. We have seen a combination of increased used vehicle inventory from maturing lease portfolios, massive rental returns and dealer trades. Prices have been slipping and we will identify where there are some amazing deals in Market Watch. New vehicle sales are at their highest volume since 2006 and by the end of the year sales may surpass that level. This has put downward pressure on used car prices. August marked the fourth consecutive monthly decline in wholesale used vehicle prices according to Manheim’s chief economist, Tom Webb. Luxury cars have experienced the largest decline in pricing over the past year. New vehicle inventories are low. There are not a lot of 2014s left on the lot. Subaru has only 11 days supply in dealer inventory when the standard inventory level desired is 60 days supply. We continue to refine our process to partner with you in the most effective ways by paying attention to theDETAILS of what you want, what the markets will yield, and of the vetting process of throughly checking out each vehicle so you know what you are getting. Without paying attention to the details you have nothing. We start with the details but subscribe to completeCOMMUNICATION with you so you know what we know. We finish our process […]
October 17, 2013

Moving into 2014

Greetings! Welcome to a time of the year when there are opportunities in both the new and used vehicle marketplaces. The government may not be able to get anything constructive done, but we sure have – just check out those savings in Last Ten Sold. In this issue we are going to encourage you to call us to learn what specific market segments are producing value, suggestions of vehicles that will hold value in the future and how to maximize the return on your transportation dollar for your specific needs. We are not fooling around here – this is all about you. Your continued support is the reason for our success. Thanks so much for all your loyalty and referrals. We’ll start with itemizing the ways we can help you to have the most cost-effective and enjoyable buying experience. – Proper Planning – together we will analyze your vehicle needs and desires to come up with a plan that financially works for you now and in the future. We know which vehicles will minimize total ownership costs and we know the strategies to employ that will best realize your goals. – Buying New – if new ends being right for you, we will negotiate the best new car deal and trade-in value while guiding you through the labyrinth of the dealership experience to preserve your money, sanity and time for a simple $395 fee. -Buying Used – this is where our experience and access can really help you get the […]
August 13, 2013

Happy Summer Everyone!

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are buzzing Check out the action on our social media sites where we are now posting interesting info about the automotive universe. We will be posting directly from the auctions on Twitter by giving updates on pricing trends and perhaps posting some photos of interesting vehicles being offered. Since we are just getting started on Facebook, please “Friend” us and any “Likes” you can send our way are greatly appreciated  and deserve a great big “Thank You”!  Sorry about the shameless begging, but we got a late start with this new way of communicating. New Vehicle Buying Program Fully Launched and Smoking Hot! We will help you find and buy a new car without the dealership hassle! We hope everyone is enjoying their summer – can’t believe we are already through the first weekend in August! In the past, a number of you have asked us to step in and negotiate a new vehicle purchase for you.  Depending on market conditions, it sometimes just makes more sense to buy the new car, rather than going for a used one. We recognize this opportunity and have counseled many of you in the past to buy new. In the spirit of being your full-service advisor on all things automotive, we have launched this new service and some of you (check out Kerry’s testimonial) have already embraced it wholeheartedly – Thank You! The fears, doubts and insecurities, plus all the time and aggravation that one encounters in the dealership process, are […]