November 13, 2015

J.H., Boston – Most recent purchase: Hyundai Sonata

Buying a car from Ganley will be the best car buying experience you’ve ever had. Scratch the hard sell, the limited inventory of cars, the over-pricing, and the unethical BS “30 day guarantees”. Instead, you get someone who’s on your side. You get four things a dealer cannot match: 1. Supply. Dealers have what 20, 50 , 100 Used Cars on their lots. Ganley can choose from thousands. And by the way, he’s not motivated to sell you any car from his inventory. 2. Skills. They know what they are doing. They stretch your budget to the max. 3. Ethics. Everything is completely above board. 4. Price. you save 10%-15%. I put this fourth on my list because I would give Ganley the business even if I didn’t save a dime because I trust them to buy the highest quality and most car for my money.