November 13, 2015

C. C., Concord, MA – Most recent purchase: Audi A4

Gandolf, the Wizard, Lives! I was referred to David Ganley over eight years ago. Five beautiful cars later, I can tell you that in our family, he is known as Gandolf – the wizard in “The Lord of the Rings” and this name carries with it the greatest respect and admiration. In fact, he earned the name Gandolf because we believe that David possesses some level of sorcery in the automotive field allowing him to find the “perfect” car for each one of his clients, while saving them thousands of dollars! Imagine, he actually uses his power for good, fighting the evil goblins that are constantly beckoning us to fall victim to instant gratification and overspend by thousands! We value David’s honesty, fairness and willingness to work with us closely and personally in order to secure the vehicle we want while respecting our budget. After years of experience purchasing cars, both new and used, we will never purchase a car anywhere else or from anyone else! I would highly recommend Gandolf of Ganley Auto to anyone that is in the market for a car as he is truly a delight to work with and a definite wizard in his field.