November 13, 2015

Alberto, Wellesley, MA – Most recent purchase: KIA

Although I always knew I was losing money by buying a new car, there were two reasons why I never considered buying a used one: –          I have no idea about car mechanisms and was terrified to end up with a car that looked great, but was not in great condition –          I absolutely hate all the negotiation process and all the unethical tactics of dealers.  I hate that feeling of thinking that I could have gotten a better deal. Buying a car with David and his team made those concerns go away very quickly.  What I considered a painful process became very enjoyable. It was really exciting to have access to thousands of cars, bet on the one you like, and know that you will end up with a great car while saving money (just saved over $2K with my last car!). David and his mechanics review the cars exhaustively and that guarantees you will end up with a fantastic car. Also, David’s fee structure guarantees that you will get a great car for a great price and with zero negotiations. If you want to continue to “donate” thousands of dollars to the traditional dealers, keep buying cars from them. I know I won’t! I highly recommend buying a car with David and his team!