November 13, 2015

R. E., Hamilton, MA – Most recent vehicle: Saab 9-5 wagon

I have purchased my last two vehicles from David Ganley and am very happy with all aspects of the experience. David provided guidance for me on the best type of vehicle for my needs, from defining a budget range to identifying the features I needed in my next car. David is a true consultant who walked me through the selection, financing options and post-purchase paperwork. He processed my vehicle registrations and provided the cars ready to go with a thorough service check and helped me purchase additional after market accessories. In both cases, the condition and quality of the vehicles David found for me far surpassed my expectations.
David’s reputation is excellent, and it was important to me to know that his clients return year after year. The dynamic of the search and the transaction is radically different from the working with a private party seller or dealership because it is based on trust and his client’s specific needs. David is on the same side of the table with his clients, negotiating on their behalf to win the best deal possible. Working with David takes the angst out of the purchase process – I never have to duke it out on my own with a seller or dealership. 
I highly recommend David Ganley and Ganley Auto and will return without hesitation when we need our next vehicle.
November 13, 2015

F. H., Hamilton, MA – Most recent purchase: Mercedes E350 W4

If you’re busy and the kind of person who likes to have a trusted professional sort through the gobs of information out there and narrow down your choices, AND you like a good value when buying a car, then you should GO GANLEY! I’ve bought several vehicles through David Ganley, even one for my girlfriend… I plan to keep going back! I don’t know of a better, less hassle free way to get the vehicle of your choice at a good price!

November 13, 2015

J.H., Boston – Most recent purchase: Hyundai Sonata

Buying a car from Ganley will be the best car buying experience you’ve ever had. Scratch the hard sell, the limited inventory of cars, the over-pricing, and the unethical BS “30 day guarantees”. Instead, you get someone who’s on your side. You get four things a dealer cannot match: 1. Supply. Dealers have what 20, 50 , 100 Used Cars on their lots. Ganley can choose from thousands. And by the way, he’s not motivated to sell you any car from his inventory. 2. Skills. They know what they are doing. They stretch your budget to the max. 3. Ethics. Everything is completely above board. 4. Price. you save 10%-15%. I put this fourth on my list because I would give Ganley the business even if I didn’t save a dime because I trust them to buy the highest quality and most car for my money.
November 13, 2015

KB, Sebastopol, CA – Most recent purchase: Subaru

Hi David, Just as I was beginning to write out a testimonial, a friend walked into my home who started talking about buying a new car. Needless to say I told her all about you and she was thrilled! You’ll be hearing from her! Her name is Adriana E. More will follow from my crowd! David Ganley and his Auto Advisors Buying Service will save you precious time and money! David stepped in after I had haggled with various dealers in an attempt to buy a new car and trade in my Prius. I had been clear and firm with the dealers but they didn’t budge in price or helpfulness. I called David, told him what I wanted and he took care of everything from clear across the country! By the time I showed up to the dealer, David had negotiated a price for my new car as well as for my Prius that were both leaps away from where I had gotten on my own. Don’t think twice about utilizing Ganley’s auto buying service. It will provide you with an affordable, pleasurable and ease-ful car buying experience!